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Meeting your language needs and exceeding your expectations.

Interpreting Services for conferences

Interpreting Services

In today’s world of increasing debate over social, economic, scientific and environmental issues, the need for accurate communication is paramount.

When delegates from different nations gather around the negotiation table they engage in intense discussions and debate, exchanging ideas and voicing their concerns about many issues of relevance.

The extent to which such meetings are successful will depend largely on the invaluable contribution made by professional interpreters and translators, as it is they who will ensure that meaningful discussion is not impeded by language barriers.

Conference Interpreters International is able to provide the most highly qualified and experienced simultaneous or consecutive interpreters and translators depending on the client’s requirements.

We can provide professional teams to meetings, conferences and conventions of all sizes and for various periods of duration from small business meetings, delegations/missions including trade fairs to large-scale international conferences.

The method of interpreting used will vary depending on the type of your meeting and venue.

Translation Services

As well as interpreters, Conference Interpreters International has access to the most qualified and experienced translators in the world, thus guaranteeing your organisation a fast, professional and accurate service.

We guarantee timely, accurate, cost-efficient and professional translating services. Our Translations Unit is equipped with the latest technology to translate documents of any size, format or font. Conference Interpreters International qualified translators are experienced in working with standard, complex and technical documents in such fields as scientific, political, educational, medical, legal and commercial.

We utilise the latest in Desktop Publishing applications, ready to print.

Our partnership with various Australia-based printing companies with offices in Victoria and other states, enables ONCALL to offer our clients a “one stop shop” opportunity thus delivering a translation solution from inception of the original text all the way to translated document(s) in the target language(s) required, including printing, at a very cost-effective, timely and managed process.

Pre and post conference translations are also available, as well as translating of conference programs and brochures and other relevant printed or web-based information and materials.

In consultation with the client and the translator, we are able to meet all deadlines, depending on the length of the document, and on whether typesetting or other additional formatting or artwork is required.

With the unique capacity to work in co-ordination with any of our national offices, Conference Interpreters International is able to liaise between client and translator regardless of location and provide a fast turnaround service on an urgent basis, largely the result of time differences and the advances of modern technology.

Other Interpreting Services

For any inquiries about our services, please contact us at cii@oncallinterpreters.com or call our Toll Free number 1300 850 881.