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ONCALL Training

Training Programs

There is more to good communication than just the spoken and written word. Factors that go outside the spheres of spoken and written language can also play an important role in enabling good communication – and good customer service – to clients of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

ONCALL offers training programs for our clients who work in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) environments. These programs are designed for people working in the community service and other industries.

ONCALL is experienced in providing training for nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, physiotherapists, speech pathologists and other health workers, teachers, tribunal members, disability workers and many other professionals.

Who Benefits

Policy makers, senior managers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, police officers, administration staff and people working in the commercial and business sectors have all benefited from these programs.

During these programs participants learn a range of skills to manage and understand how to best meet their clients’ needs.

ONCALL offers 3 main training programs:

  • Cross Cultural Training
  • Communication Across Linguistic and Cultural Barriers and How to Work Effectively with Interpreters
  • Translation Workshops

The programs are designed to equip the participants with strategies and skills that will enhance their capacity to provide services which are culturally and linguistically appropriate, sensitive and specific to their clients.

At the conclusion of these programs participants will have acquired and applied skills that will enable them to:

  • Enhance business and personal performance when dealing with culturally and linguistically diverse clientele
  • Recognise and understand client profiles with an emphasis on cultural and linguistic needs
  • Develop effective and efficient service pathways for their clientele
  • Recognise the importance of duty of care within a culturally diverse context
  • Learn how to work effectively with interpreters on the telephone, face to face and in group settings
  • Prepare material for translations
  • Learn how to work with bilingual staff and other ethnic community workers

Duration of Sessions and Venue

The training sessions can range from one hour to a full day and can be conducted at your choice of venue or at our training facilities in our Melbourne offices.


Fees vary according to the training package selected and the number of people to be trained. Packages can be tailored to meet your training needs. Certain packages are offered to new clients free of charge.

For more information, please contact us to obtain an information pack or alternatively call our Training Department on 03 8807 2303.

What people say

These workshops are evaluated by the participants and have been found to be of excellent value to those who attend. Here are some comments by participants:

"I found the training offered by ONCALL excellent as it created a much better appreciation of the role of the interpreter and how the service can assist me in providing a more accessible health service. I will recommend this to all my colleagues. It should be part of our in-service training regime."

(A Royal District Nursing Service Nurse)

"Having small groups in the role play session gave me an opportunity to take part and enjoy the dynamics of cross-cultural communication"

(A worker from the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind)

"Thought provoking in-service training provision"

(Teacher working in the disability area)

"Empowering, and confirming the right of a service provider to choose an experienced and accredited interpreter instead of a family member or a friend of my client. I enjoyed the video presentation and other tools used by the presenters to demonstrate accurate and objective interpreting."

(A doctor from a major health service)