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Translation Projects (Written)

As with all of our language services, ONCALL Commercial has access to the most qualified and experienced translators in Australia and overseas. We are equipped with the latest technology, enabling the translation of documents of any size, format or font.


ONCALL Commercial has over 25 years experience in translating all sorts of documents, from simple documents, through to translation of complex and technical documents for a multitude of organisations including (but not limited to):

Our clients are assured timely, accurate, cost-efficient and professional document translation services.

All translations can be returned in their original format or in ready to print formats to suit your requirements, including QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and other design software.

To ensure the highest quality and accuracy, ONCALL Commercial also offers the following service enhancements and project advice:

Desktop Publishing Service

Our multilingual desktop publishing facilities ensure professional presentation of translated documents to be printed. We can liaise directly with your printer to ensure compatibility of final translations with their systems or software.

For example, English speaking documents are read from left to right then top to bottom, but did you know:

  • Some languages read documents from right to left
  • Others read from top to bottom then left to right?

Pre-translation Document Preparation

We can also assist our clients with the preparation of the material that is to be translated. This service comes with a small fee but it saves clients time and money in the long run. This will achieve greater end results as the text can be written in a format that is user-friendly to the end user.

Independent Checking and Editing

Independent checking and/or editing of translations can be provided upon request. While we use highly qualified translators, as with English, an element of subjectivity means one translator can use different words for the same sentence. For highly critical documents it is advisable a translated document is peer-reviewed for accuracy.

For larger jobs, the client will be provided with proofs for final sign-off. After sign-off, the final document will be provided electronically to the client or their printer.

Turnaround times

Turnaround times for translation projects are dependent on a number of factors. For instance:

  • Size of the document
  • Whether proofing is required
  • Typesetting or Desktop Publishing requirements

ONCALL Commercial will provide you with a full quotation, including turnaround times, as per individual project requirements.

Call ONCALL Commercial today on 1300 012 012 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1300 012 012      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
to find out how you can enjoy a fuss-free, seamless experience working with Australia’s leading full-service language partner.