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An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Complex / Technical Documents


Hi-tech translations require a professional with training and experience in the relevant area of expertise be it mining, engineering or pharmaceuticals for example. As this type of translation will require additional research and education, there is a nominal extra per word fee. ONCALL’s international database of Translators contains professionals in a myriad of expertise areas. Why not let us take care of the headache and assign your job to the best qualified professional.


It is imperative Australia’s richly diverse multilingual community receives key messages. The need for translation of important news releases in foreign languages or translation into the various languages of your constituency, are aspects of the translation industry that ONCALL has thrived at in recent years. Let our experience in community translation and press related pieces support your needs.


ONCALL has student placements in Interpreting and Translations on a regular basis, to help develop Australia’s up and coming language professionals. We are proud of this investment. Additionally, we complete regular brochure and website translations for amongst others. Reaching out to parents and students abroad is imperative to Australia’s  educational providers. We have found that glossaries and previous translations can provide invaluable starting points and examples for our translators. We encourage a cooperative approach to get the ball rolling. Over the years, we have developed a strong pool of translators with experience in this field.


ONCALL Translations completes regular translations of medical documents for insurance companies, hospitals and community agencies. We know the importance of accuracy and timeliness, as well as confidentiality in these matters. You can rest assured that your document will go to the most qualified translator available.


With numerous clients in this field, ONCALL has extensive experience. We know that urgency is often key, to ensure that overseas travellers, for example, can have their cases reviewed as expeditiously as possible. As an ONCALL client, all you and your colleagues need do is email, fax or upload your documents for immediate actioning. Same day or next day service is available. We operate a 24 hour, 7 day a week service—so your translation can be sorted out immediately upon receipt.

Export and Corporate/Commercial

ONCALL has a dedicated team of Project Managers at the ready to handle the translation and desktop publishing of:

  • Annual Reports
  • Contracts
  • Marketing Material
  • Presentations
  • Website Localisation
  • Export Documents
  • Business Cards

With experienced Translators specializing in a diverse array of commercial concerns, we are confident we can facilitate your international business.

ONCALL works with many established multi-national companies as well as new and emerging companies seeking to enter the overseas marketplace. Your needs are varied. A foreign language page to your website—done, ONCALL can get this set up for you. Translations of marketing material checked, typeset and print ready. No problem. Marketing literature requires a finesse not all Translators have, but we know the right translator for your job. How about your business cards? Will they be understood when you make that overseas trip? Often employers will use multilingual staff to translate and interpret, but it is always safest to go with a professional. Show your potential business partners that you mean business and are respectful of their culture, language and values. China has now taken over from Japan as Australia’s largest export market, with translators both in Australia and China, we can help aid you in your Sino-export requirements. Additionally, we now have our own NAATI Professional Level Japanese Translator on-site, ready to answer your questions regarding the Japanese market place.

Government, Public Sector and Registered Charities

ONCALL is the interpreting and translation provider to many federal, state and local bodies. With over 130 different languages served, we are enthusiastic service providers to Australia’s public sector. We offer cost-effective language solutions to this sector in recognition of the importance of community translations to Australia’s multicultural population.

Rare Language Sourcing

The array of languages spoken in Australia is breathtaking, along with over 120 different indigenous languages, there are over 130 different languages spoken here by established migrant communities, new immigrants and refugees. Recently ONCALL was able to locate a qualified Edo Translator as well as a Nynorsk Translator. The types of translations were varied, but the intention was the same: we aim to fulfil customer requirements and do the research required. Have you been told that a language is impossible to source? Let us give it a go! We welcome a challenge.

Private Documentation

With offices in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane, ONCALL can service the translation requirements of private individuals. Though usually the smallest of documents, private translation documents including driver’s licenses, passports and birth certificates, can ironically be some of the most challenging translations. This is because name spellings and calendar dates can vary from language to language. Simply call ONCALL with your requirements, and we’ll do our best to help. We ensure our offices are centrally located and staffed with knowledgeable and friendly consultants to help facilitate your translation. Because community translating and interpreting are a fundamental part of our business, you can rely on ONCALL to provide a professional service.

Multilingual Translations

ONCALL offers multilingual desktop publishing services in all languages. We have access to a wide variety of fonts and applications with the capacity to handle any language and writing system. When non-Latin scripts are required (in particular Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean), ONCALL can supply files in a graphics format whereby clients will not need specialised fonts or systems to display and print the published text.

We also offer a quality foreign language graphics service, with a multilingual DTP pool experienced in in-house graphics who work in close co-ordination with the translators and editors responsible for the linguistic aspects of the job. Our desktop publishing specialists work hand-in-hand with translators to ensure that the meaning is not compromised when adjustments are made to accommodate formatting variations that occur in different languages and character sets or are the result of migration from one software to another (for instance, QuarkExpress® to MS Word®) or from one platform to another (for example from PC to Macintosh). Every formatted document is proofed by the original translator who will sign off the artwork together with a graphic artist and the project manager. This will ensure consistency of layout between languages, compliance with client instructions and, most importantly, will guarantee that the foreign-language version is intact and properly laid out and that it retains the integrity of the original language.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

It takes many years and many fonts to become a multilingual desktop publisher. Many of our clients require that we deliver web or print ready PDF’s. With our highly experienced in-house desk top publisher we can tackle the most challenging of projects.