A: Follow the steps in this video.

A: Follow the instructions in the video to access Oncall HubConnect.

A: To access the NextGen portal, follow the steps in this video.

A: Make a new booking by following the steps in this video.

A: Follow the steps in this video to make changes or amend your booking.

A: To cancel a booking, follow the instructions in this video.

A: To create a recurring booking in NextGen, follow the instructions in this video.

A: To provide your valuable input, you can easily send us your thoughts or opinions through the NextGen Portal, follow these steps in this video.

A: Yes, you can by following the steps in this video.

A: You can add more time to the booking, by following the steps in this video.

A: You can view your details in this video.

A: View the job notifications by watching this video.

A: You can review your booking status by watching this video.

A: Interpreters take verbal communication or sign language from one language and convert it accurately into another language maintaining the tone and register. Translators do the same with written texts and produce documents which reflect the intent & quality of the original text.

A: ONCALL’s Customer Service Officer will guide you through the process; however the following information will make it quicker and easier:

  • Your name, organisation’s name and contact details.
  • Any specific department details or relevant Codes.
  • Type of service required (onsite, pre-arranged phone, immediate and/or video).
  • Language.
  • Date.
  • Starting time & duration.
  • Location.
  • End User details.
  • Any special requirements.

A: Minimum booking periods:

Minimum booking periods vary according to the service you require and where you are located. Please contact your local ONCALL office here for further information.

A: If your organisation has a contract with ONCALL, please check with your organisation’s protocol or procurement department. Alternatively, contact ONCALL here.

A: ONCALL maintains a panel of 12,000 of professional and qualified interpreters and translators. Each week ONCALL fills over 8,000 interpreter assignments in up to 300 languages and dialects. Click here for a list of all languages available through ONCALL.

A: If you would like to promote our services to your clients, you may wish to take advantage of displaying our logo and contact details either on your website, within information packs, statements, directories, email campaigns, newsletters, or your own promotional material. For more information relating to this or to request a hardcopy of our promotional materials, please contact ONCALL here.

A: When ONCALL finds an interpreter for you, we will offer the booking to the highest qualified and/or certified interpreters first.

A: ONCALL strictly adheres to the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators Inc. (AUSIT) Code of Ethics in Australia and the NRPSI Code of Conduct in the UK. Interpreters are required to keep all content of an assignment confidential. Upon induction, our interpreters sign a Confidentiality Agreement for all work undertaken, whether interpreting or translating.

A: ONCALL is committed to providing the highest quality interpreting service to our clients. ONCALL’s interpreters hold a minimum qualification in interpreting and/or have extensive and verified professional experience and training.

For new and emerging languages with limited access to qualified and/or NAATI-credentialed interpreters, ONCALL liaises with tertiary institutions, ethnic communities and other organisations to recruit suitable interpreters.

A: Yes, ONCALL can attempt to secure a specific interpreter for a client’s booking. This can be requested at the time you submit your booking with ONCALL.

A: Yes, a request can be made for a male or female interpreter at time of request.

A: A second End User/Client, etc., can be added to a booking. If you would like to make an amendment to the booking, you can do so via the NextGen portal. Alternatively, you can simply contact your local ONCALL office here. If the request being placed is urgent (less than 3 hours from its scheduled commencement time), please call your local office on the telephone numbers provided at the above link.

A: Yes. ONCALL provides BSL (British Sign Language) interpreters in the UK and Auslan (Australian Sign Language) interpreters in Australia. ONCALL’s BSL interpreters all hold registration with the NRCPD and Auslan interpreters all hold NAATI certification.

ONCALL also provides access to interpreters in other sign languages, including international sign language, as well as other sign language services including tactile/Deaf Blind, Deaf Relay, Lipspeaking and Speech-to-Text Reporters.

A: Yes, ONCALL can certainly assist in connecting you with an interpreter when needing to communicate with someone overseas. Please contact ONCALL here to arrange this requirement.

A: Yes, ONCALL is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether it be a Sunday night or a Tuesday morning, ONCALL is ready to take your call at your convenience.

A: Cancellation fees may apply if a booking is cancelled or amended, depending on notice provided before the booking start date/time. Please refer to your organisation’s schedule of fees or contact your local ONCALL office here.

A: ONCALL believes in continuous improvement of the services we offer. Your feedback provides us with an opportunity to learn how we are performing against your expectations, and to understand how we can better service your needs. Please submit your feedback, whether positive or constructive, here.

A: Yes. Please click here for a link to the guide.

A: Costs vary and depend upon factors such as the duration, when the interpreter is required, the location of the assignment, and the language required. Please refer to your organisation’s schedule of fees or contact your local ONCALL office here.

A: Translation is the process of changing the text from one language to another whilst conveying the same meaning as demonstrated in the source text.

A: There are many nuances in languages and translating that a computer program simply cannot ‘understand’, such as context, cultural concepts and semantic phrases. Machine translation should only be used in limited situations/scenarios.

A professional translator will be able to translate any document irrespective of the content. Translating a medical document for example, demands advanced language skills with excellent knowledge of the field and the accurate terminology to be used in each language. ONCALL believes working with the finest and most experienced translators in the industry ensures that we provide the highest level of quality to all clients

A: The cost of translation is dependent on the number of words, the complexity of the text, and the urgency of the project. Design and other specific requirements will also influence the cost. Please refer to your organisation’s schedule of fees or contact your local ONCALL office here.

A: Absolutely, that’s one of ONCALL’s main areas of expertise. Whether it is a brochure, a survey or a fact sheet, ONCALL can assist you with creating these documents in various languages.

A: ONCALL can provide electronic and/or hard copies of completed translations.

A: ONCALL can assist you to translate not only those but many other types of content you might require for your business or your clients.

A: ONCALL’s diverse range of translation services includes transcription, back translation, editing, proofreading, and localisation. If you want more information, please contact your local ONCALL office here

A: Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page of NextGen.
Then, type in your username and hit ‘Send’.
After which, a link will be sent to your registered email to resent your password.
A: Great to hear you want to use NextGen! NextGen is Oncalls Comprehensive Booking
Management System. The one place to request and manage all your interpreter bookings.
Please fill out the Login Details Request form and you will receive your new credentials

A: Head to our Oncall HubConnect and click on Generate VoiceConnect PIN/ID. Fill out the form
and click ‘Submit’.
You’ll receive an email with your VoiceConnect Credentials.

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