Video conference interpreting services – removing the tyranny of distance

ONCALL offers video conference interpreting (also known as video remote interpreting) services to its clients via a range of video conferencing software, delivered by highly qualified professional interpreters.

Video conferencing is accessed via desktop PC, laptop or tablet with a stable internet connection and high-quality webcam and headphones/speakers to transmit audio visual data to multiple participants who cannot gather in one central location. It is ideal for situations where face-to-face communication is not possible.

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ONCALL now provides 16,000 hours of video conference interpreting every year for clients working in healthcare, social care, justice, and asylum support!

FaceConnect Video Conference Interpreting platform from ONCALL

ONCALL also offers access to video conference interpreters via its proprietary software application, FaceConnect, which offers features specifically designed for delivering interpreting services via video, including:

All call metadata including start time and duration is captured by FaceConnect to allow for improved and accurate reporting.

Connect with an ONCALL Customer Service Officer directly in FaceConnect to provide technical support.

Share your documents with the interpreter securely in FaceConnect to allow them to provide sight-translation

Test the speed of your connection and microphone and headset function in advance of each call to ensure optimum performance.

Provide feedback directly in the application after each call to allow ONCALL to continually improve service delivery.

FaceConnect is available on common operating systems including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, android and iOs applications.

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Connecting you with interpreters wherever you are

Video conference interpreting is a perfect alternative to onsite interpreting and particularly beneficial for remote locations, where there are no local interpreters available.

Other benefits of video conference interpreting include:

  • Greater access to interpreters in all languages
  • Removal of interpreter travel time and costly travel expenses
  • Improved availability of interpreters to fit with your schedule
  • Enhanced communication compared with telephone interpreting

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